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Amsterdam is a city of many conflicting images. There are tulips, bicycles, canal barges, sex shops, the Red Light District and Anne Frank, Amstel and art galleries. Amsterdam's attractions include all of these things, and the best Amsterdam tours give you a sample of everything. Where else can you look at Old Masters, have a legal joint, find out what it was like to live in hiding and go to some of Europe's most banging clubs - all in one day?

Amsterdam is a very cosmopolitan city, but, whatever else you do, you should seek out some traditional Dutch culture. Try visiting one of the local pubs for a frothy pint, eating some of the local fries and seeking out one of the many excellent Indonesian restaurants, which fulfil the same purpose here as Indian eateries do in the UK.
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The Dutch capital of Amsterdam is a large, easygoing city with many traditional and modern sightseeing adventures. The mix between old historical and the red light and hashish scene bring a melting pot of people from all walks of life to Amsterdam. This is a busy city with plenty of activity going on in the streets.

Amsterdam is famous for canals, architecture, shopping, art galleries, nightlife and sightseeing.

Amsterdam is a cool city with plenty to do, many attractions, and a thriving entertainment scene. Amsterdam's relaxed tolerance makes it an unusual European city. Amsterdam is home to one of the most lurid red light districts in Europe and it's relaxed stance of drugs has given it the reputation of being the worlds Cannabis capital. This easygoing lifestyle has drawn people from all over the world to live here and immigrants now make up over 30% of the population of Amsterdam.

The main tourist area of the city centre is around Central Station which is more or less what Amsterdam was like in 1850. The area made up of 90 islands, linked by some 400 bridges and horseshoe shaped. The main feature is a concentric canal ring. Five major canals surround the old city; the Singel, the Herengracht, the Keizersgracht, the Prinsengracht, and the Singelgracht.

The main roads being Nassaukade, Stadhouderskade, and Mauritskade. Amsterdam was the main trading city of Europe in the 1600's and goods were stored in warehouses many of which are now used for living or offices.

The traditional history of Amsterdam still exists though and that is displayed in he architecture, medieval churches, museums and galleries that are all around the city. It is a haven for the arts. with Rembrandt being it's favourite son.

The land and sea blend beautifully in Amsterdam, as it is located at the mouth of the River IJ and is 20km from the North Sea coast. Canals snake their way through the city which gives another means of getting around with canal cruising being very popular.

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